Advertisement campaign encourages sex that is safe Tinder while additionally slut-shaming females

Advertisement campaign encourages sex that is safe Tinder while additionally slut-shaming females

Constantly swipe directly on utilizing a condom.

Published Mar 5, 2014 Updated May 31, 2021, 4:22 pm CDT

A months that are few, Tinder creator Justin Mateen made headlines as he insisted that Tinder wasn’t a hookup application, “because ladies aren’t wired this way.” Needless to say, both elements of this statement are outrageously, categorically untrue: scores of both women and men alike are employing Tinder to locate hookups that are casual.

That’s why an advertising company has teamed up aided by the AIDS Task Force to generate the Tinder AIDS venture, an imaginative yet advertising that is somewhat problematic urging hookup-happy Tinder users to consider safe sex methods.

Produced by the Israeli marketing company GREAT Interactive, the advertisement shows exactly exactly what would take place if Tinder had been utilized being a medium “for delivering the message of safe intercourse within the many appropriate method.” Exactly just just How did they make this happen? By producing fictitious Tinder users—all of who are female—and showing pictures of these with numerous partners.

whenever you’re done looking at the pictures, the after message pops up, combined with a red AIDS ribbon: “You’re not likely her only match. Make use of a condom.” GREAT apparently tested the ad away in the platform, and users that are many favorably towards the advertising.

Every day to be fair, the campaign is clever—what better way to spread a positive social message than to broadcast it on an app used by millions? Plus it’s never a negative idea to advocate for safer intercourse methods, particularly for a platform that’s implicitly, or even clearly, utilized primarily to locate casual intercourse lovers.

Yet because all the user that is fake into the advertising are female (and due to the ominous “you’re not likely her only match” message at the conclusion), GREAT’s valuable social message is compromised by blatant slut-shaming. Despite just what the advertising recommends, it is always a good clear idea to make use of a condom if you have intercourse with somebody you meet on Tinder, no matter whether you would imagine she’s promiscuous or perhaps not. (as well as if she actually is, why assume that she’s maybe not making use of a condom along with her other “matches”? With what world does “enjoying intercourse with multiple partners” immediately mean “reckless, disease-ridden whorebag”?)

Since the escort in Downey Tinder AIDS venture is presumably simply an advertisement campaign, rather than really an attribute become incorporated into the Tinder consumer experience, debating the merit associated with advertising is eventually moot. Nonetheless it raises interesting questions regarding whether dating apps like Tinder, that are basically getting used by at the least several of its users as a fast and way that is convenient find casual intercourse lovers, should assume a job to promote safe intercourse techniques. But provided that Mateen keeps doubting that their application will be employed for casual intercourse into the beginning, that appears very not likely.

Upgrade: Raz Messing, the executive director that is creative of, reached away to the regular Dot saying the Tinder AIDS Project “addresses women and men alike. We made fake male AND feminine pages with alternating lovers, so we aim at shaming both sexes…:) It just is not shown from the research instance.”

H/T Ads for the World | Photo by peachy92/Flickr (CC BY – NC – SA 2.0)

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