7 Best Whale Watching Spots In Norcal

1) Sunscreen is a must, regardless of the weather. Even if it is cloudy or overcast the sun in Hawaii can be merciless so wear sunscreen whenever you plan to be outdoors for more than a few minutes.

Dolphins are also among the most popular sea creatures and are frequently sighted on the trips. The dolphins are not shy at all and will often swim right alongside the boat. The best part about the dolphins is that they usually swim in packs so you are almost guaranteed to see more than one.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Margaret River region at the right time then you may be able to spot some whales. During the months of June to September many whales will feed and breed in Flinders Bay, which is in Augusta. While from September to December you may also be able to view whales in Geographe Bay. The two types of whales that flock here are the humpback whale and the southern right whale. You can choose to get up close with the whales by taking a special guided boat tour, or you can view the whales at special vantage points.

Today these whales are rather looked at with awe than hunted. The estimated number of Southern Right Whales is 7000 and approximately 2000 of this total can be found on the shores of South Africa. The birth rate of these whales is 7% which means that every 10 years the population doubles.

How and Where to See Whales In Maine: Good whale-spotting locations in from land Maine are off Seal Island, Mount Desert Rock, the shoals of Jeffrey’s Ledge, and Matinicus Rock. Whales can also be spotted from shore at the West Quoddy Head and Bass Harbor lighthouses, and some coastal B&Bs offer whale watching from their balconies. The most popular way to spot whales is to take a whale-watching cruise, which is a booming business in Bar Harbor and down the coast of Maine.

Aquatic Blue Charters also offers fishing charters for tourists to Port Macquarie NSW. These include deep sea reef fishing, and game fishing. Deep sea reef fishing can be experienced on a 6 hour public charter with a maximum of fourteen people fishing. Tackle and equipment are supplied, and you will be using Shimano tackle along with the very latest in electronic equipment. You will not need a fishing license, and it doesnt matter whether or not you have fishing experience or not.

Sea mammals are so magnificent that one stride of a killer whale will astonish you. They are so intelligent that you can train a dolphin to be your pet and sometimes they can be dangerous too. A polar bear can attack you to make you as its dinner. They are social animals and are an attraction in many water parks and observatories. If you are wondering, what these magnificent, intelligent and sometimes-dangerous animals eat, then you will find your answer below. Most of the mammals are found to be carnivorous which means, they kill the prey and enjoy their meal. Some of the carnivorous animals are Blue this, Killer whales, polar bears and sea lions.

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Pack properly! Bring a sweater or light jacket for the cooler mornings and evenings. Load up your beach bag with extra towels in case yours get wet, and an extra t-shirt and pair of shorts can come in handy if you venture out after your beach excursion. Water shoes are useful for exploring rocky or coral covered areas.

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