The Difference Between Guys That Bang Hot Girls and Super Hot Girls

The Difference Between Guys That Bang Hot Girls and Super Hot Girls

Through the full years and particularly after going to Los Angeles, We have made plenty of buddies (and acquaintances) that have been very good with ladies.

At least above typical contrasted to your guy that is average just bangs a number of girls in the life time.

Most of the dudes are element of my various circles that are thereforecial so i have gotten to learn them.

For the many part, many of these dudes have actually listed here in accordance-

  • Above average looking, or made themselves above normal hunting. No dual chins, alcohol bellies or « I do not value my looks/body therefore you shouldn’t hold it against me. »
  • Good design. Which range from particular designs (Affliction douche bag, rockstar, business CEO) to simply ‘well dressed’.
  • Personal freedom. Just weren’t frightened to communicate with girls, some are capable of being aggressive and touch ladies. (therefore testing)
  • Cool / confident. This basically goes with, social freedom – but its more of a « vibe. »

We preach on GoodLookingLoser as you know- Looks, Style, Social Freedom is the recipe for lots of pussy and most of what.

These guys get despite the similarities, there is a stark difference in the quality of women. It varies a great deal, despite the fact that all of these dudes have [probably] slept with at the least 30 girls.

Just somewhat a lot more than a few get top-shelf quality ladies.

A minority for the dudes have the super sexy hot girls, high status aspiring or working models, actresses, physical fitness girls, hereditary wonders that comprise the most truly effective a fewpercent

A lot of dudes we realize that are great shemale sucking their own cock with ladies have the « pretty hot, » « the attractive, » while the above girls that are average not girls which you’d kick away from sleep.

An inferior minority of dudes we realize that are great with women JUST obtain a lot regarding the average to substandard girls. You can argue why these dudes are not good with females, inspite of the high amount of sub-par pussy they have. You may be appropriate.

There clearly was something that separates all 3 degrees of guys that get pussy-


The guys that eat top-shelf pussy have noticeable feeling of entitlement that is much higher than the people that get above-average girls and definitely over the guys that eat pussy that is average.

I mean a REAL feeling of entitlement once I state feeling of entitlement. Not just a fake self-confidence or even a arrogance that is staged.

A « sense of entitlement » has a little bit of a bad place. It really is viewed as an unhealthy, negative, arrogant character trait.

That may be real.

The spoiled rich kid that refuses to exert effort due to their feeling of entitlement – that is not masculine.

The celebrity senior high school athlete that thinks he deserves to begin being a freshman for their D-I university football group without coming to train – he can discover otherwise.

There is many more examples that individuals can think about.

With regards to ladies, but, a sense of entitlement can in fact assist you to however, when you do not be removed totally arrogant.

The guys that eat pussy that is top-shelf for just one explanation or any other- each have actually a feeling of entitlement.

  • They believe that these are typically on the exact same « level » since the super hot girls.
  • They believe these are typically as « cool » due to the fact girls are « hot. »
  • They feel they are as cooler, better browsing or better with women than almost every man they meet.
  • They believe that many girls are « lucky » to rest together with them.
  • They will have a threshold to beauty given that they’ve talked to a lot of hot and super girls that are hot.
  • They truly aren’t effortlessly impressed by ladies.
  • They believe these are typically good during intercourse.
  • They believe that normal girls (and typical dudes) are « lesser » than them. (often)
  • If she has a good sexual experience if they don’t plan on calling a girl back, they could care less. (often)
  • They have aggravated once the woman will not ingest their cum. (often)

All of this material is mirrored in their vibe with almost every individual they connect to.

As long as it isn’t totally arrogant, it comes down as « cool » and « confident, » specially among the list of hotties that are super can not stay beta men and seldom satisfy some guy that features this vibe.

Guys that have average/sub-par pussy, regardless of how a lot of it, do not have this vibe and particularly maybe not whenever getting together with super girls that are hot.

Also if you do not have this vibe yet, you almost certainly understand what i am talking about.

If you should be, it is best to embrace your feeling of entitlement.

In the event that you constantly being modest, end.

In the event that you constantly need certainly to make ‘politically proper’ statements or water down your achievements because your less cool buddies will be jealous. Stop.

Fortunately, a feeling of entitlement something you can form. It isn’t the simplest thing to build up, but it is feasible and completely worth every penny.

An additional discussion I’ll mention developing a feeling of entitlement.

Just and that means you know, I define « top-shelf » or « top ten%’ of females by how HOT they truly are. Exactly how sexy they appear. There is other people that comprise « top-shelf » or « top ten% » centered on character characteristics, intimate history, training, job accomplishment, relationship product, intelligence, etc. i am perhaps not stating that is not essential, but i’ll ensure that it it is simple- LOOKS. Okay?

I could care less if she has a Juris Doctorate degree from a tier I top 25 Law School, what she scored on the MCAT, if she is ideal girlfriend material with healthful relationships with her parents or how many hours of community service she’s done when I take a super hot girl back to my apartment in an hour. I do not care. We never ever will unless i am considering having a relationship that is committed. Dudes that browse GLL know that it is a « Get Laid » web site, not just a dating internet site. You can do the dating thing pretty easily if you can get laid.

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